• It is not possible to repeat an examination which has been passed already. An exception is the free-trial regulation (Freiversuch).
  • If a student did not pass a module-related examination, he/she has to repeat it. If a second re-examination was not passed, the applicant has lost the right to take examinations (der Prüfungsanspruch ist endgültig verloren). The candidat can protest against such decision at the examination board (Prüfungsausschuss) in oral or written form, please ask the study adviser for help. The protest has to be handed in not later than four weeks after the decision.

  • If a candidate did not pass a module-related examination in the first exam period, it is possible to take a re-examination already in the second exam period. One has to apply for that in the "Studienbüro Physik" one week before the second exam period.

  • Otherwise, the candidat is expected to do the re-examination at the next possible examination date in the subsequent semester. Pease contact the "Studienbüro Physik" for the details of registration.
  • If  a module-related examination was taken according to the examination schedule (Regelprüfungstermin) and was not passed, the date of the re-examination can be delayed two semesters, if the free-trial regulation (Freiversuch) can be applied.
  • A second re-examination has to be taken not later than the next regular examination date according to the schedule. If this deadline is missed, the examination is considered to be "not passed".
    Written exams have to be evaluated by two examiners. The evaluations process shouldn't be longer than four weeks.
    The examiner can decide to do the examination in oral form, this has to apply for all candidates in the semester uniformly.