Module-related examinations

The modules of the study program have to be finished with examinations, written or oral. In some modules, prerequisites for admission to theexamination have to be fulfilled. E.g., one has to achieve a minimum number of points in exercises.

Exam periods

There are different exam periods.

  • The first exam period of a semester are the first four weeks after ending of the lecture period. The second exam period are the last two weeks of the non-lecture period.
    In both periods, all regular examinations due to the schedule and the re-examinations take place.
  • If an examination in the first exam period has not been passed, it is possible to do the re-examination already in the second exam period. One has to apply for that in the Office for Student Affairs at leat one week before.
  • Some special  examinations (presentations and colloquia) can taken be during the lecture period.

Regular examination dates (Regelprüfungstermine)

The modul-related examinations should be taken in the scheduled semesters. 

  • The regular examination dates are given by the position in the study and examination schedule (Studien- und Prüfungsplan).
  • Candidates have to register for the examinations not later than two semesters behind the regular examination date. Otherwise the examination is automatically "not passed". In exceptional cases, the examination board can prolong this time span by one further semester.