Structure of the LiMatI Graduate Research Training Group


The Graduate Research Training Group of the Institute for Physics was established within the previous Collaborative Research Center (SFB) 652 in 2009. It was then continued on Institute budget since 2017. Since 2022, it is now part of the new Collaborative Research Center (SFB) LiMatI.

Organization of the Graduate Research Training Group

The Graduate Research Training Group is headed by a speaker and 1-3 co-speaker from among the doctoral researchers. They are elected by the majority of the attending members at a (bi-)annually meeting.

The speakers organise the doctoral seminar, the annual graduate workshop and cooperate with the other groups at the institute, e.g., the students' committee, for events. They represent the interests of the PhD students towards work group leaders and other faculty.

The speakers are supported by two members of the teachers' assembly of the Institute. They serve as confidant persons and simultaneously as board of the GRK. Speaker team members and board members meet half-annually to report on and to discuss ongoing and planned activities. To inform all members of the Institute on the activities of the GRK, a newsletter including all contributions by PhD students will distributed via email at the end of every semester.

Social events by GRK - Group Pictures

Group Pictures

2017: back, left to right: Stefan Gerke, Per-Arno Plötz, Steffen Wolter, Peter Grünwald 2nd row from the back: Sergej Ryl, Florian Schöne, Dimitry Komar, Clemens Kellermann, Julius Rapp, Sven Kraft, Robin Schmidt, Stefan Lochbrunner, Benjamin Liewehr 3rd row: Sjard-Ole Krüger, Johannes Block, Xiaomeng Liu, Kevin Oldenburg, Martin Brics, Björn Kruse front row: Melanie Schünemann, Oskar Schlettwein, Katharina Sander, Neeke Rothe, Semjon Köhnke
03/2020: back: Norman Iwe, Milena Gödecke, Klara Raspe, Adrian Hanusch, Helena Drüeke, Anna Julia Poser, Johannes Block front: Benjamin Liewehr, Björn Kruse, Ayla Kruse, (), Julien Pinske, Miguel Argüello Cordero
03/2020: back: Norman Iwe, Milena Gödecke, Klara Raspe, Adrian Hanusch, Helena Drüeke, Anna Julia Poser, Johannes Block front: Benjamin Liewehr, Björn Kruse, Ayla Kruse, (), Julien Pinske, Miguel Argüello Cordero
07/2021: from left to right: Norman Iwe, Tim Völzer, Benjamin Liewehr, Maximilian Schörner, Chris Rehhagen, Michael Kempf, Ludwig Scheibe, Jonas Apportin, Anna Julia Poser, Martin Preising, Björn Kruse
Sep. 2021: GRK Social Event in Rostock City Harbour. Back, left to right: Milena Gödecke, Praful Kumar, Ludwig Scheibe, You Huang, Jonas Apportin, Vasilii Tulskii, Paul Tümmler, Norman Iwe, Miguel André Argüello Cordero, Dieter Schick, Helena Drüeke, Karo Becker, Andrii Trelin, (), Lorenz Dettmann, Florian Morawetz, Sebastian Weidemann, Joshua, Martin Preising, Front, left to right ChongBing Qu, Zekun Pi, Argha Jyoti Roy, Divyanshu Ranjan, Michael Kempf, Annika Bergmann, Franklin Martinez, Klara Raspe, Vera Neef, Alejandro Ramos, Paul Weinbrenner, Mohammad Amawi, Francesco Poggiali, Anna Julia Poser

Support the GRK - Volunteer as a speaker

While the PhD program at our Institute for Physics promotes various competences in the field of analytical-scientific thinking, and enables the acquisition of experience in a specific field of research, the GRK offers broad personal development opportunities. In the GRK, various areas of teamwork skills can be strengthened, such as communication, project organization, project leadership, and others, especially when serving as a speaker.

Therefore, the additional workload from being a spokesperson not only pays off in successful events that improve the quality of our doctoral education - being a spokesperson also strengthens the personality skillset and the ability to work in teams outside your field of expertise. Finally, working as a speaker is a fun way to give something back to the institute and fellow doctoral students.

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List of former speakers and co-speakers
02/2022-active Richard Altenkirch, Annika Bergmann, Divyanshu Ranjan, Klara Raspe (Speaker Team)  
09/2021-02/2022 Benjamin Liewehr (Speaker), Website Support Klara Raspe  
04/2021-09/2021 Anna Julia Poser (Speaker), Co-Speaker Benjamin Liewehr  
03/2020-04/2021 Anna Julia Poser (Speaker), Co-Speaker Ayla Kruse  
Okt. 2019/2020 Björn Kruse (Speaker), Co-Speakers Anna Julia Poser, Ayla Kruse  
Okt. 2018 Björn Kruse (Speaker), Co-Speaker Benjamin Liewehr  
Sept. 2017 Gilbert Grell (Speaker)  
Feb. 2016 Melanie Mraz (Speaker), Co-Speakers Katharina Sander and Semjon Köhnke  
2015 Daniel Cebulla (Speaker), Co-Speakers Semjon Köhnke and Per-Arno Plötz  
2014 Daniel Cebulla (Speaker), Co-Speakers Niels-Uwe Bastian and Oliver Grünberg  
2013 Daniel Cebulla (Speaker), Co-Speakers Mandy Bethkenhagen and Oliver Grünberg  
2011-2012 Mathias Arbeiter (Speaker), Co-Speaker Phillipp Sperling  
2009 -2010 Sebastian Göde (Speaker), Co-Speakers Mathias Arbeiter and Sonja Lorenzen