Groups at the Institute for Physics

Student-led groups at the Institute for Physics

There are several different groups with the common goal to increase the quality of study-experience at our institute. These groups offer several events per year and are always looking for new students to engage.

To increase the visiblity, the powerpoint slide below is shown in a few mandatory courses of the physics curriculum before semester break. If you are currently giving a seminar or a lecture, please consider the slide below to show to your students.

Connect with Peers and Alumni

ResearchGate Project

Many scientists use ResearchGate to showcase their results and papers, so do we. In our ResearchGate project "GRK & Alumni at the Institute for Physics, University of Rostock" members are encouraged to reference their papers. For example, after they have presented their publication in the doctoral seminar. This way, everyone can follow up and use the work that was presented in the seminar. For access, please contact the spokespersons of the GRK.

LinkedIn Group

All members of the GRK are welcome to join the LinkedIn group of the Alumni Verein e.V. to keep in touch with people that graduated from the Institute for Physics. Use these contacts to share career experiences or to invite alumnis to give a talk in one of the career mentoring events.

Unibox folder

In our unibox folder we collect resources, e.g.,

  • Material and slides from workshops
  • Reports of surveys
  • Templates for presentations
  • Protocols of discussions and meetings
  • Resources of teaching at the institute
  • Resources and templates for speakers, e.g., how to organize a seminar talk, what to think about, ...

For unibox access, please contact the spokesperson of the GRK.

Support the GRK - Volunteer as a speaker

While the PhD program at our Institute for Physics promotes various competences in the field of analytical-scientific thinking, and enables the acquisition of experience in a specific field of research, the GRK offers broad personal development opportunities. In the GRK, various areas of teamwork skills can be strengthened, such as communication, project organization, project leadership, and others, especially when serving as a speaker.

Therefore, the additional workload from being a spokesperson not only pays off in successful events that improve the quality of our doctoral education - being a spokesperson also strengthens the personality skillset and the ability to work in teams outside your field of expertise. Finally, working as a speaker is a fun way to give something back to the institute and fellow doctoral students.

  • Got interested in becoming a candidate? Feel free to contact us!