GRK Projects & Initiatives

You are looking for peers to have in-depth discussion about physical, mathematical or computational topics? You have an idea for a group meeting, e.g., a philosophical seminar for physicists?  You would like to raise awareness on a special topic?  Or would you like to meet PhD students on a regular basis to discuss certain topics apart from physics?

One of the core part of the Graduate Research Training Group is to represent the interests of the PhD candidates at the Institute of Physics.

We give space to your ideas, help advertising and setting goals for your topic. Our task is to bring your interests, criticism and ideas to faculty and to GRK board members.

From here, we initiated the Mental Health Initiative at the Institute of Physics in 2020, developed and integrated the annually survey to monitor the satisfaction of PhD students with teaching duties (since 2020), and build this homepage.

Survey on Teaching among PhD students

Here you will find our privacy policy for the survey as well as a short summary about the purpose of the survey soon.

Monitoring the satisfaction of the PhD students with teaching duties

Starting in 2021, the doctoral students of physics at the UR (IfPh) are to be surveyed electronically on the topic of "Teaching, teaching assignments, and teaching load". 
The survey is intended to give the Graduate Research Training Group of the Institute an overview of how the PhD students at our institute cope with their teaching obligations, e.g., how teaching obligations are distributed and to what extent the doctoral candidates have an influence on it. Furthermore, the satisfaction of the doctoral students with their teaching activities will be monitored.

If necessary, proposals for action are developed on the basis of the data and presented to the university teachers' assembly. The goal is to gather knowledge and experience, and to pass it on to new doctoral students, to recognize the current normal state and deviations from it, to identify problems and, if necessary, to formulate suggestions to the Institute's University Teaching Conference.

This survey is conducted annually at the beginning of the summer semester to provide a regular feedback to faculty and students.


The development of the survey (+documents for data protection) started in summer term 2020 with a group of 6-8 PhD students. 
The speaker team of the Graduate Reserach Training Group is obliged to conduct the survey, and engaging volunteers.

Group leader and contact person: Ludwig Scheibe (AG Statistical Physics);  6-8 active group members

Mental Health Initiative

Literature shows a a high amount of academics are affected by and are experiencing mental health issues. Adressing mental health inside an institution may lead to increased productivity, better academic performances and wellbeing. We are aiming at educating on mental health topics important for academia and at creating a prevention-conscious and supportive culture at the Institute for Physics. Our mission, in cooperation with the Students' Committee, is: 

Spreading knowledge and raising awareness on mental health topics among members of the IfPh, U Rostock.

To get to know our team of students and PhD students, as well as our current work, please contact Anna Julia Poser : anna.poser at


The current homepage serves as a starting point for new PhD students to help navigating through various offers and the programme of the Graduate Research Training Group.

You are welcome to contribute to the current homepage and to make information accessible.

Klara Raspe, Benjamin Liewehr, and Anna Julia Poser started on revising the old website of the Graduate Research Group in 2020 which led to build this current homepage on the new Institute's Hompage.