For advancing the research and development of quantum technologies (such as quantum-secured communications and quantum-enhanced computing), practical access to the generation and manipulation of complex photon states characterized by large information contents is required. Recently, integrated photonics has become a leading platform for the compact and cost-efficient generation and processing of optical quantum states. However, on-chip sources are limited to basic bi-photon systems formed by two-dimensional states (i.e. qubits), and the concepts currently exploited show limited scalability (both in terms of dimensionality and number of photons), leading to a drastic restriction on information processing ability.

Within this presentation, we will show that exploiting a frequency-domain approach using integrated frequency combs (light sources with a broad spectrum of evenly-spaced frequency modes), based on on-chip nonlinear microring resonators, can provide solutions for scalable complex quantum state generation and enable practical state control. In particular, by using spontaneous four-wave mixing within the microring resonators, we demonstrate the on-chip generation of bi- and multi-photon entangled qubit states as well as high-dimensional entangled photon systems over a broad frequency comb spanning the telecommunication band. Using off-the-shelf telecommunications components, we introduce a platform for the coherent manipulation and control of these states. This enables the first generation of high-dimensional cluster states, lying at the basis of measurement-based quantum computation.

The results suggest that microcavity-based entangled photon states and their coherent control using accessible telecommunications infrastructure can open up new venues for reaching the processing capabilities required for meaningful quantum information science. 


  • Prof. Boris Hage


  • Hörsaal III

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