GRK Doctoral Seminar

Welcome to the Seminar of the Graduate Research Traning group. We regularly meet on Thursday's at 3pm, during the semester.

The stage is yours - pick a format

  • Present your results or
  • introduce an experimental, computational, theoretical, ... method or
  • give a tutorial on a specific tool, e.g., a software you developed, or
  • showcase the topics of your research group in a joint talk with your work group colleagues

Become an effective communicator

  • Practice to introduce your field of research to a broad audience of physicists
  • Explain your research ideas such that student peers can follow
  • React to scientific questions from the audience
  • Train your PhD defense or conference talk

Increase visibility

  • Make your results more visible and get others interested in your research
  • Reference your article or an abstract in our GRK Research Gate group. People might want to look up your topic there.

Improve your skills & give and take feedback

  • Interactive feedback collected anonimously on our pinboard during your talk 
  • Discussion with peers in breakoutrooms to improve your talk in a safe environment 

Schedule of upcoming Seminar Contributions

All contributers are eligible for a GRK certificate upon PhD completion.
Abstracts, including a teaser graphic, will be advertised to all PhD-students via email
and linked in our event archive.

Impressions from Doctoral Seminars

Segments of the Doctoral Seminar

Invited Talks

This GRK segment offers unique opportunities to participate in small events with internationally recognized scientists, who provide an overview and roadmap of developing research interests in physics.

Invited Talk: Prof. Sibylle Günter

Prof. Günter completed her physics studies in Rostock in 1987. She is a theoretical physicist and in 2000 became the youngest woman to ever be…

Talks by PhD Candidates

PhD students are encouraged to present their work to fellow students. Participating offers the unique opportunity to ask all levels of questions (even "entry level" questions) in the seminar to develop an understanding of other hot topics in physics, outside the own research project.

Social Event GRK

GRK meet up to get to know your colleagues before Covid hits again :)

Training in Active Listening

Workshop by Dragonfly Mental Health

Soft-Skill Workshops

At least once per year the GRK hosts a soft-skill workshop, where students work in groups up to 12 students together with a highly experienced trainer over the course of 1-2 days. All members are invited to suggest topics or trainers.

Meet Up "Creativity in Science and Academia"

After-Workshop Meet Up

GRK Workshop: Advice to my younger self - things, I wish someone had told me

Prof. Olaf Wolkenhauer

GRK Workshop: Training in Active Listening

Dragonfly Mental Health

GRK Workshop: Scientific Writing in English

Lorraine Mannion GRK Workshop 2018

GRK Workshop: Scientific Writing in English

Dr. Kimberly Crow GRK Workshop 2017