AG Elementarteilchenphysik

Dissertationen / Theses

Nis Meinert
Search for Rare b to Open-Charm Two-Body Decays of Baryons at LHCb
Rostock, Oct. 2020

Harald Viemann
Study of Beauty Baryons Decaying to D0 p K and the Amplitudes of Λb0 to D0 p K in the Dalitz Plane with the LHCb Experiment
Rostock, März 2021 (eingereicht Juli 2020)

Miriam Heß
A study of anti-B0 → D0 p anti-p decays with the LHCb experiment
Rostock, Sep. 2018

Oliver Grünberg
Search for Λb → K- μ+ at LHCb
Rostock, Apr. 2017

Christian Voß
Measurement of the Time Reversal Asymmetry for the Decay B0 → Λ p π+ and Observation of the Decay B0 → Λ pπ+ and Observation of the Decay B0s → Λ p K+ with the LHCb Experiment
Rostock, Sep. 2016, CERN-THESIS-2016-250

Torsten Leddig
"Search for the Decay B- → Λc+ anti-p l- anti-νl with the BABAR Detector"
Rostock, Dez. 2014

Thomas Hartmann
Study of the decay anti-B0 → Λc+ anti-p π+ π- and its intermediate states
Rostock, April 2011

Marcus Ebert
Isospin analysis and study of the decay modes B0 → Λc anti-p π0 and B0 → Λc anti-p η
Rostock, Mai 2011

Stefan Strauß
Thermodynamics of Low-dimensional Light Front Gauge Theories
Rostock, Okt. 2009

Markus Garczarczyk
First Observations of the GRB Prompt and Early Afterglow Emission Phase at ~100 GeV Energy Regime with the 17m Diameter MAGIC Imaging Atmospheric Cherenkov Telescope
Rostock, März 2007

Alexander Kaukher
A Study of Readout Electronics Based on Time- To-Digital Converters for the International Linear Collider TPC Detector
Rostock, Nov. 2007

Stefano Mattiello
Dreiquarkkorrelationen in heißer und dichter Quarkmaterie
Rostock, Nov. 2005

Robert Pernack
J/ψ- und ψ'-Produktion bei HERA-B
Rostock, Mai 2004

Stefan Christ
Measurement of momentum spectra of charged pions, kaons and protons from B+ and B0 decays
Rostock, Okt. 2003 (BABAR THESIS-03/004)