Currently available topics for Bachelor-/Masters theses and other projects

  • [M] Precise measurement of the Blazhko period for the RRAB star ASASSN-VJ190603.23+742027. 9
  • [M] Exoplanet observation via transit method for TOI1518b
  • [M] Photometric measurement of the brightness evolution of current supernovae
  • [B/P] Evaluation of the impact of image compression on the precision of brightness measurements
  • [B/P] Citizen Science: Quantitative smartphone astro-photography
  • [M] Spectroscopy with Star-Analyser 200
  • [P] Automatization of telescope control via AutoIt

Completed theses and projects

Roman Gruchow: Beobachtung von Exoplaneten mithilfe der Transitmethode Anhand des Exoplaneten TOI1518b

Staatsexamensarbeit (2021)
Advisors: Prof. Dr. R. Redmer, Prof. Dr. L. Pagel

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