Realignment of the master's program in physics as of WS 2022/23

Track: Quantum Optics and –Technology
Track: Ultrafast Optics and Spectroscopy
Track: Nano and Surface Physics
Track: Intense Laser-Matter Interaction and High Energy Density Physics
Track: Physics of Life, Light, and Matter
Track: Physics of Ocean, Atmosphere, and Space

What is new?

  1. The master's program in physics is offered in English.
    • Prospective foreign students do not need proof of German language skills.
    • Individual modules can be offered in German, provided that all participating students agree.
    • International applicants without German language skills can take the module "DEUTSCH A1.1 CEFR" in the elective area.
  2. The range of modules is greatly expanded and offers a broad spectrum of physics topics according to the research profile of the Intitute of Physics and other institutions: Leibniz Institute for Baltic Sea Research, Leibniz Institute for Atmospheric Research, DLR Institute for Solar-Terrestrial Physics, Leibniz Institute for Plasma Research and Technology, Department of Life, Light and Matter of the Interdisciplinary Faculty.
  3.  In the master's program in physics, students have the option of choosing one of the six fields of study offered, which is noted on the transcript.
    •  In the chosen field of study, specific compulsory modules and elective modules from the elective catalog of the field of study must be completed. In addition, the research phase, including the master's thesis, must be carried out in the corresponding research area of the field of study. Elective modules of up to 18 credit points can be chosen from other fields of study.

    • Students should decide on a field of study by the fifth week of lectures of the first semester at the latest. Upon request, students can later deselect the field of study and, if necessary, choose a new field of study. For concrete planning of the course of study, the student should consult the departmental study advisor in advance.

    •  If none of the fields of study is chosen - for example, due to a change of university or the completion of the research phase including the master's thesis in a field of research that is not represented, elective modules can be chosen from all six fields of study. For concrete study planning, it is recommended to visit the departmental study advisor.


Departmental study advisor
Priv.-Doz. Dr. Thomas Bornath
Fon + 49 (0)381 498 6915


Course-specific examination and study regulations
Studiengangsspezifische Prüfungs- und Studienordnung (SPSO)

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