Graduate Research Training Group of the Institute for Physics

Who we are
The Graduate Research Training Group (Graduiertenkolleg, GRK) is the student-led organization representing all PhD students at the Institute for Physics of the University of Rostock.

What we are aiming at
Our goal is to increase the quality and impact of young scientist's research and to strengthen scientific communication. For that, we must create a community in which every member feels respected and valued. Further, the GRK represents the doctoral candidates at our institute, their matters are communicated by the spokespersons to faculty.


  • Low level direct scientific exchange of tools and methods
  • Enhanced communication and presentation skills, strengthened competences for scientific and industrial career
  • As an active member, you'll receive an official certificate with all teaching duties listed and your additional non-scientific tasks will be acknowledged at your PhD defense
  • Connect with other PhD students via social events (paused due to the pandemic)

Most of our events take place during the biweekly doctoral seminar on Thursdays, 3-4pm. Have a look at the website to learn about active GRK membership and the current scientific activities within the doctoral seminar.

    Who belongs
    Every PhD student at our institute is a member of the Graduate Research Training Group. Our member list is biannually updated from the websites of the research groups of our institute. To unsubscribe and withdraw your membership, or to join the mailing list if we have overlooked you, please contact the spokesperson of the GRK.

    Inclusivity and diversity are necessary for excellence and innovation in research. Therefore we welcome and respect every member of the community. We support the University's Diversity Policy. An easy way towards inclusivity is to include your pronouns in your email signature. 

    How to contribute/how to be an active member

    The fastest way to contribute and become an active member is to schedule an introductory talk about your PhD project. Please click on the button below to see how to contribute in additional ways.