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"If anything has been made foolproof, a better fool will be developed"
from Hairer et al., "Solving ODEs I", Springer 1987


  • What is it?
    Qprop is a time-dependent Schrödinger (or Kohn-Sham) solver, designed for the study of atoms (or other spherical systems) in intense (laser) fields.

  • What do I need to run it?
    Qprop comes as C++ source code. The libraries blas, lapack, and f2c (all available free of charge)  should be installed. However, we also provide versions which compile without these libraries.

  • Any documentation available?
    Yep. There's a manuscript (Comp. Phys. Comm. 174, 396 (2006) or [physics/0507089]), containing several examples. More details are given here and, on the recent version 2.0, here

  • Where can I get it?
    In the download box to the right. However, I suggest to consult the manuscript first. Although Qprop is quite versatile there are a lot of applications it isn't suited for. The slim version is of slightly reduced functionality but runs without lblas, lapack, and f2c. Recently, the t-SURFF method for the calculation of photoelectron spectra has been implemented in version 2.0.

  • Are there particular terms of use?
    Qprop is for non-profit use only. If results obtained using Qprop are published, an acknowledgment or citation is compulsory.

  • Is there support?
    Depends on the question you have  ;-)   Better don't expect any.

  • I found a bug!
    Are you sure? It might be a feature! If you think you found a real bug please send an e-mail to Known and corrected bugs are listed here.

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